Tomahawk 002200-TH - BEARING-SHUTTLE INSIDE LH-13"

Item Number: 002200-TH
Model Number: TH-2200

Tomahawk Model TH-2200, item 002200-TH Bearing-Shuttle Inside LH-13" - Vitalloy. Our build and install process ensures you have the exact fit for full speed production. 

Vitalloy is an amazing material, click to read more.">Vitalloy is a special fusion of metal and lubricant that eliminates the need for lubrication and lengthens the life of parts 5x! Our engineers selected a revolutionary patented alloy which is an ultra high-wear material that contains no copper and is food grade compatible. We call it TXL/Vitalloy® material. With proper lubrication and preventative maintenance, TXL/Vitalloy® shuttle bearings last 5 times as long as traditional shuttle bearings. Tomahawk TXL/Vitalloy® shuttle bearings are available for MP-800 and Formax® F-19™ patty forming machines.

Shuttle bearings are a form of linear bearing that have specific use in the food processing industry. Our Engineers have years of experience with Shuttle Bearings. Tomahawk Manufacturing continuously improves the design and materials used in our shuttle bearings to ensure the highest quality results for you.