Item Number: 004077-B
Model Number: B-4077

Tomahawk Model B-4077, item 004077-B Bearing - Shuttle Inside-PF. Our build and install process ensures you have the exact fit for full speed production. 

Shuttle bearings are a form of linear bearing that have specific use in the food processing industry. Our Engineers have years of experience with Shuttle Bearings. Tomahawk Manufacturing continuously improves the design and materials used in our shuttle bearings to ensure the highest quality results for you.

This shuttle bearing is a replacement bearing compatible with Formax® F-26 Patty Forming Machine and has been used on the following Formax® machine rebuilds by Tomahawk Manufacturing.

F26-SN000-RB01    F26 Former-Refurbished    Remote Electrical
F26-SN000-RB02    F26 Former-Refurbished    Remote Electrical
F26-SN593-RB2    F26 Former-Refurbished S/N 593    

This shuttle bearing is a replacement bearing compatible with Tomahawk TM-26 Patty Forming Machines.

TM2609PTFNP-073    TM26, 9" Stroke, S/N 073    Soft-Fill, Paperfeed
TM2609PTFNP-086    TM26, 9" Stroke, S/N 086    Soft-Fill, Paperfeed
TM2609PTFNP-116    TM26, 9" Stroke, S/N 116    Remote Electrical-SF/PF
TM2609PTFNP-123    TM26 Former, 9" Stroke,S/N 123    Soft-Fill, Paperfeed, Remote
TM2609STFNP-112    TM26 Servo, PLC, 9" Stroke    SF/PF S/N 112

Also used on the following: 
YA26-SN21030-YA-RB    Machine Repair, YA-26