Vitalloy Shuttle Bearing Kit for Formax(r), Tomahawk, MP Food Formers

The Tomahawk 012266-TH-A Vitalloy(TM) Shuttle Bearing kit is the perfect way to keep your shuttle assembly gliding for a long time. We strongly recommend that you replace all the shuttle bearings on your machine at one time. This ensures the most even wear of the bearings and prevents shuttle bearing "blow out" that is caused by uneven wear that will result in premature failure. By replacing all your bearings the weight of the shuttle assembly is placed evenly on all bearings meaning that no one bearing has to perform double duty.

The 012266-TH-A kit contains all the parts necessary to perform a fast and easy replacement of your machines shuttle bearings. 

item no model no item desc 1 item desc 2 qty
900051 900051 Socket Screw, 5/16", STL 20
002197-TH TH-2197 Shuttle Bearing Outside Right Hand 13" Stroke Vitalloy 1
002198-TH TH-2198 Shuttle Bearing Outside Left Hand 13" Stroke Vitalloy 1
002199-TH TH-2199 Shuttle Bearing Inside Right Hand 13" Stroke Vitalloy 1
002200-TH TH-2200 Shuttle Bearing Inside Left Hand 13" Stroke Vitalloy 1

012266-TH-A Vitalloy(TM) Shuttle Bearing kit

Vitalloy is a special fusion of metal and lubricant that eliminates the need for lubrication and lengthens the life of parts 5x! Our engineers selected a revolutionary patented alloy which is an ultra high-wear material that contains no copper and is food grade compatible. We call it TXL/Vitalloy® material. With proper lubrication and preventative maintenance, TXL/Vitalloy® shuttle bearings last 5 times as long as traditional shuttle bearings. Tomahawk TXL/Vitalloy® shuttle bearings are available for MP-800 and Formax® F-19™ patty forming machines.